Business Management

The Department of Business Studies (as it was then called) started as a full-fledged Department in the 2002/2003 academic session when the University commenced. There were 5 programmes under the Department of Business Studies in the 2002/2003 academic session. These are: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Business Administration, Marketing, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. However, in 2004/2005 academic session, Accounting and Banking and Finance became full-fledged Departments and ceased to be under Business Studies, which later became Business Management.


The Postgraduate Programme of the of Business Administration started in 2003/2004, with six lecturers. The programme was mainly for staff development,with the establishment of the programme in the Business Administration with eight staff members admitted into the Ph.D programme.

The Postgraduate programme in the Business Administration wasdesigned to provide specialized M.Sc/Ph.D Degrees in the areas of Business Administration. They are designed for students with career interest in academics, research training, business administration and consultancy. Opportunities also exist for graduates to function as management experts, marketing analyst, human resource consultant in many international organizations and agencies. The programme aims at providing in-depth academic exposure to the literary foundations and current development in management. It is also meant to develop research capability in the discipline as well as prepare candidates for higher degree programme. The programme consists of a combination of coursework and research to be embodied in an orally defended dissertation. The candidates shall select their dissertation topics from any of the core areas of the programmes where they wish to specialize.

Click here to download the Post Graduate curriculum for the Department of Business Administration.

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